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In the city of Edenshima, members of Zt. Laventiaca Academy's student council have been investigating "Frameshifts," glitches in Mother Nature that expel parasitic entities called "Mutajins" into hosts. All are somehow connected to a rumored website that bestows visitors supernatural powers through a person referred to as the "Reaper." Armed with special chips to use psychic abilities, Zt. Laventiaca Academy's student council vows to protect the city and to solve the mystery behind the Frameshifts in this modern-day, science fiction RPG.

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Published35 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, Character Customization, Classes, Cute, Dungeon Crawler, Funny, JRPG, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Turn-based
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Movement [ Arrows]
Running [ Shift / S ]

Confirm [ Spacebar / Enter / X ]
Cancel [ Backspace / Ins / Z ]
Menu [ Escape / Control / C ]
Delete Save/Skill [ Delete / A ]


EsperExciteDemo.zip (115 MB)


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I have been working with an experienced composer to replace the game's music. I hope to share more information before Christmas. In other news, I am still proofreading and am looking for feedback and suggestions as I will be getting into bug fixing and streamlining some features starting next month. In addition, please support Esper Excite on Steam Greenlight:


Thank you.

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I appreciate the feedback, NARFNra. Yes, I hope to get a musician to replace the OST. I ran out of budget after self-funding my game for years and don't plan to do a crowdfunding campaign since the game's almost done. So I hope to work something out with a composer. I am still looking for feedback in other places.

This looks very nice, with a solid premise, good designs, and decent looking game play - I think the Greenlight trailer's music is a bit... meandering, though. I would highly recommend looking into getting a musician on the project if the OST is all like that, I think this project has real potential and the music thing might be a stumbling block you'll want to avoid.

I am looking for feedback on what to improve as I enter the polishing stage.